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Experience your interior passion! Our carefully selected furnishings and artful accessories make any house a home. The gallery searches high and low for just the right “now” things that will compliment todays households. Matching a straight-lined antique piece with the perfect contemporary accessory, or a beautiful French sideboard with lovely antique crystal is why the gallery is the place to accomplish Artful Living.

Img 5347

Pair of Gray Lamps with Gold and Silver Shades

Img 5342

Small Gold Lamp with dishes

Img 5358 1588787810

Primitive Pine Table with Pillows & Ottoman

Img 5362

Petrified Wood Side Table with Metal Base

Img 5341

Pair of Silver Lamps

5260  Pair of  Silver Lalmps With Shell

Pair of Silver Lamps with Shell

Img 5359 1588787787

Pair of Lamps and Metal Cabinet

Img 5361 1588787755

Natural Rock Table with Metal Base

Img 5265

Large White Table Lamp

Img 5364

​Hand Etched Ice Bucket

Img 5366

​Hand Etched Decanter with Deer